‘Warrior’ inspires

Posted: July 30th, 2018

Randy Dunsford enters the room, wearing a baseball cap and standing taller than most. This young man carries with him a copy of his first book- Warrior. This book is his heart, poured out onto pages and sharing not only personal reflections but poetry, and wisdom that permeates from his eyes. At only 18-years-old, Dunsford has a lot to say and is excited to say it all.

“At first I was just writing and I was just writing everything down, and I didn't really expect this to turn into a book,says Dunsford. “I feel good, I feel much lighter.” Dunsford says the process of writing the book and sharing part of his life story has been a healing process.

Warrior looks like a graphic novel. Its cover is rich in colour and the text throughout is brief but powerful. Dunsford wrote it without knowing what exactly he was writing. But he had some specific ideas and visuals he wanted the book to represent.

“It’s like my vision actually came to life, and I’m grateful that the designer brought it to life,” says Dunsford.

Dunsford came into care with Tikinagan Child and Family Services as a child and writes a bit about this experience in his book. Dunsford talks a lot about how much he has learned over the years and what message he hopes people will get from his book.

It really depends on what situation and where you're at with life. It wants to test you, the life that you have. And it's going to push you to the edge sometimes. But just know that eventually it will pass,” Dunsford says, with a lot of heart. ”You learn from your mistakes. You either you don't do it again, or you do it again so… I learned from my mistakes. I sometimes make the same mistakes. But that's normal. That’s what I want for the message to be.”

Dunsford’s next book he’s working on is tentatively called Grief, where he wants to write about and share his experiences revolving around this hard topic.

This is just the start for this young man, who everyone meeting him will attest he carries a wisdom beyond his years. He is working on finishing high school and doesn’t quite know where he’ll be in five or ten years, but is interested in motivational speaking and talking with people about making this world a better place.

Randy wants to thank Katie Mowe, Yzerman Quill, Mike Henry, Amy White, Gabrielle Cosco at Kwayaciiwin, Amanda Lyon, Karla Fuentes and many others who have been a support to him during the process of writing and sharing this book.

Warrior is available to purchase. Dunsford has copies available in Poplar Hill First Nation, or you can buy a copy directly from him by contacting him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rudy.dunsford.